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Description of the web: The Zárate's Political Collections (ZPC) is a site devoted to collect of the worldwide leadership on a country basis. Its time frame starts approximately from 1945, with the end of WWII. ZPC regards itself a site on Archontology, which is, according to Wikipedia, "the study of historical offices and important positions in state, international, political, religious and other organizations and societies. It includes chronology, succession of office holders, their biographies and related records". The ZPC site is devoted to share information on a free basis excluding non-fair uses.

Copyright announcement: Data from this site may be copied on a not-for-profit basis provided that its source is credited as: © Zárate's Political Collections (ZPC) 1996-2013, by Roberto Ortiz de Zárate . All rights are reserved for profit-seeking purposes. The ZPC site is designed for purposes of sharing information freely and intended to be a resource for scholars, researchers and any user interested in world politics and contemporary history. Unless otherwise specified, the contents of this site are strictly for personal, educational and any other non-commercial use. You may not copy, transmit, transfer, distribute, reproduce, modify, license, display, perform, publish, create derivative works from, or sell any information, software, products, or services derived from this site.

The history of ZPC site: five hostings and domains since 1996:

  • June 1996: The first ZPC version was served by the Dept. of International Relations of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Leioa Campus, Biscay. URL: www.zi.lp.ehu.es/rob_page.htm
  • 1996-1997: The UPV/EHU central server. URL: www.lg.ehu.es/~ziaorarr/
  • 1997-2000: Jet.es, commercial ISP. URL: www.jet.es/ziaorarr/index.html and lately personales.jet.es/ziaorarr/index.html
  • 2002-December 2012: Terra Networks, commercial ISP and Internet portal. URL: www.terra.es/personal2/monolith/
  • January 2013: 1and1, commercial Web hosting. URL: zarate.eu.

This site is fully open to your suggestions, additions and corrections. Enriching information is gladly welcome. Send your mail to zpc@zarate.eu.

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